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$20.00 per adult
Booking: minimum 2, maximum 12 (per guide)

- 1949 Tractor Demo

Tour Memory Lane Heritage Village at Lake Charlotte with a knowledgeable guide. Your guide will spend up to two hours relating the stories and memories of our coastal communities during the 1940s. You’ll hear tales of survival and triumph, of land and sea, of real lives and real people as told by their descendants. Discover this era of change, when modern conveniences changed the lives of rural Nova Scotians forever. Hear howtractors, motors, cars, washing machines, pumps and electric lights affected families and communities. This is a hands-on exploration of Memory Lane’s 14 rescued and reconstructed buildings complete with period artifacts.

Enjoy our authentic Cookhouse Chow at Memory Lane’s 40s Cookhouse: homemade baked beans, soup, brown bread, sandwiches, gingerbread, cookies, lemonade, ice tea, and coffee or tea. Stay the night locally using your 10% accommodation discount and watch the sun set over Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park, a beautiful white sand beach with intimate coves and wilderness hikes just 10 minutes from Memory Lane.