Donor Recognition Options

Donor Recognition Options

The most important donor recognition option available to all donors is anonymity. If you wish to make a donation of any kind, with complete privacy, contact the Community Foundation Executive Director, Allison, at or 1-877-999-5917. Alternatively, you can contact the Chair of the Fundraising Committee or any Heritage Society Director at or by calling 1-877-287-0697. A full list of the current Directors can be found on The Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society's webpage.

There are three ways in which a donation can be publicly recognized, based on the level of donation:

Donor Message Register
With a minimum donation of $50, a card with your message can be placed in our Donor Recognition Register on display in the Post Office of the Hosking General Store. This message can include a memorial or tribute. Once you have made your donation, we will contact you to arrange the details of the message on the recognition card.

Founders Wall
The Founders Wall is limited to 100 donations in the amounts of $500+, $1000+ and $2000+. There are 45 spaces remaining on the Founders Wall panel located in the Hosking Store at the entrance to Memory Lane Heritage Village. We will work with you to design the plaque message and its unveiling will be part of future One in One Campaign ceremonies.

Named Sponsorships
Named sponsorships are reserved for major donations in excess of $5,000 where there is a suitable connection between the sponsor and a specific building, artifact, event or service. An example might be a sponsorship of the Village’s working crank telephone system by a telephone service provider.

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