Heritage Society Sponsorship

The Heritage Society is continuously fundraising to support its various activities. Financial support is always welcome. Funds can be directed to specific activities, general funding or a contribution to our Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Fund. Memorial gifts and bequests are also possible. Please contact us directly to discuss the options in more detail.

Certificate Campaign

This campaign is mostly for individuals, families and small businesses who wish to contribute less than $500 per annum to the Heritage Society. Donation may be directed to a specific activity (i.e. the Eastern Shore Archives) or to the general operation of the Heritage Society. Donations between $50 and $99 will receive a bronze certificate; $100 and $249 a silver certificate; and those donating between $250 and $499, receive a gold certificate. All donors receive an official receipt for tax purposes and a letter of recognition. In addition, donors can submit a message with their donation, to be kept for public viewing in our donation certificates album.

Founders Campaign

This campaign is limited to the first 100 donors. There are three donation categories: $500 to $999, $1000 to $1999 and$2000 plus. Each donor receives an individual plaque on the "Founders Wall" located inside the Hosking Store entrance. Each plaque identifies the donor, their category of giving, and provides a standardized space for a personal message. Donor plaques are placed on the wall in the order in which the donations are received, starting at the top left, and proceeding line by line. This campaign is particularly suitable for families who want to recognize family members, past and present.

Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Fund

This campaign allows donors to make a long-term investment in the activities of the Heritage Society through the Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation fund. The fund is a permanent endowment fund created to support, in perpetuity, the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society’s various Eastern Shore heritage initiatives. All donations to the fund are eligible for a tax receipt, and for American donors an American tax receipt is possible. The fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia, and more details can be viewed at Endowment Fund Information.  Or view our brochure: Heritage Preservation Fund

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