Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society

The Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society was founded in 1995 by community members primarily from communities around the "Loop": Lake Charlotte, Ship Harbour, DeBaie’s Cove, Owls Head, Little Harbour, Clam Harbour and Clam Bay, as well as Upper Lakeville, Oyster Pond and East and West Jeddore.

The Society recognized a need for preserving the heritage of these communities, and its creation was spurred on by imminent loss of significant heritage buildings in the area, such as the Hosking General Store. Since its founding in 1995, the Heritage Society has broadened its mandate to serve the communities from the Eastern Halifax Regional Municipality, basically from Lawrencetown to Ecum Secum, following the coastline. We work with other heritage organizations along the Eastern Shore to preserve the social, economic and natural heritage of the area.

The Heritage Society is overseen by a volunteer board of directors, a year-round part-time Executive Director, and over 150 volunteers. As part of its education mandate, the Society owns and operates Memory Lane Heritage Village, a living history museum depicting rural, coastal, Nova Scotia life in the 1940s.

The 2015 Board of Directors are:
Keiver Read (Brentwood) Chair
Karen Traversy (Clam Bay) Vice Chair
Tim Lambert (Ship Harbour) Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Livingston (DeBaie's Cove) Director/Registered Agent
Fraser Kennedy (Dartmouth) Director
Mansel Eisan (Ship Harbour) Chair, Maintenance Committee
Christine Mitchell (Oyster Pond) Director
Kristy Sanders (West Jeddore) Director
Ryan Richards (Oyster Pond) Director
Delores Wilmshurst (Grand Desert) Director
Dianna Dalrymple (Clam Harbour) Director


The Executive Director is Thea Wilson-Hammond and can be reached at