Our Campaign Goals

Our Campaign Goals

The Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society’s  “One in One Campaign” aims to raise $1,000,000 by May 29, 2014. The money raised from this campaign will go directly into the Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund. Established in 2009, this fund will provide us with a stable annual income from the interest earned on the investment and help us achieve our heritage mission in perpetuity.

Over the next few years we will use the interest earned to carry out the Eastern Shore Heritage Fieldwork Initiative. This initiative will professionally record the personal stories, recollections, knowledge and documents of the elders of the Eastern Shore - before this opportunity is lost forever. This initiative will also document the coastal heritage of the Eastern Shore – how people lived, worked, worshipped and played – so that Memory Lane Heritage Village can authentically preserve and present the heritage of our coastal communities for future generations.

The Heritage Society chose the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) to administer our Endowment Fund because of their expertise and knowledge in managing endowment funds similar to ours. By being part of a community foundation the money raised during our One in One Campaign will be invested and managed long-term in the best possible way – maximizing the heritage work the Society can do with the donations we receive.

But, we cannot achieve the overall goal of the Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund – to preserve in perpetuity the heritage of the Eastern Shore from Lawrencetown to Ecum Secum – without your help. If you have an interest in the Eastern Shore, whether as a resident, a visitor, or one of the many thousands living elsewhere with Eastern Shore roots, please explore our site further and consider making a donation.

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