Eastern Shore Players presents “The Secretaire”

This original play is based on a true story about the SS Graig and the drama surrounding a desk from the wreck after it ran aground in 1940.

The desk exists to this day and was recently donated to Memory Lane Heritage Village where it can be seen in the Webber House. However, the drama in the play surrounding the desk is, as far as we know, imaginary!

The Players sends out thanks to both Mary Vingoe, an eminent theatre director and playwright, for leading the workshops and to NS Communities, Culture & Heritage for their support. Tickets are "rush seating" in the Clam Factory. Please be aware that some sound effects (thunder, gun shots) are in use and may be unsuitable for some attendees.

Bookings may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the event date subject to a 15% administration fee. All bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the event will not be refunded.

Please Note: Online Tickets are available for purchase until Thursday November 1st at 11:55pm.

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